Superintendent Position

15 Nanwood (Brampton)

Position Details

Position: Superintendent

When: ASAP

Location: Brampton
Average # of hrs: 10-15 hrs / week


Superintendent position available for this unit - you will be compensated based on your experience level, up to the full amount of the rent every month while you are the superintendent of this 30-unit building, assuming you are fully qualified as per the requirements below.


Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Regularly inspect building and premises, including public areas, common areas, storage room, laundry rooms, parking lot, garbage area, etc
  • Need to be able to:
    • Paint and repair drywall regularly
    • Clean regularly (vacuum/mop/sweep floors, windows, and overall premises, etc)
    • Do small repairs and installations (for example, Plumbing, Hardware/fixtures, Basic electrical jobs, Basic appliance repairs, etc)
    • Small carpentry jobs
  • Inspect and clean units, and professionally show the vacant units
  • Send weekly reports of what was done
  • Basic lease signings for new tenants
  • Responding to all emergencies
  • Being professional and courteous towards contractors and tenants
  • Allowing access and oversee scheduled contractors and vendors (lawn care, snow removal, plumbing, electrical contractors, etc)



  • Minimum high school diploma
  • Ability to speak and read fluent English
  • Excellent communication skills and team player
  • Handyman skills, as listed above, with at least 2 years' experience (proof required)
  • Attention to detail, high level of initiative, interpersonal skills, good time management, conflict resolution skills
  • Tech-savvy with a smartphone that is always turned on, and that receives texts, phone calls, and email notifications immediately. An application installation for team coordination will be required
  • Must be capable of lifting heavy items
  • Having a car is an asset, with valid Ontario G Driver’s License
  • Superintendent experience is an asset


Additional Qualifications:

  • Clear criminal record
  • Must have own liability insurance
  • Must be approved as a tenant (will have to go through application process), which includes a credit check



  • You MUST be available 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week (on-call)
  • Must not have your current job interfere, as your position as superintendent will likely take 10-15 hours/week on an average week


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