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RG Group… Who Are They, and What Do They Do?

Property Management, Turnkey Real Estate Investments

Who is the RG Group and What Do They Do?

We are glad you asked. The RG Group is a real estate investment management company located in beautiful Barrie, Ontario. We are a team committed to exceeding our clients expectations.

Who are our clients you might ask?

Our clients are Real Estate Investors.

Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or looking to get started investing in real estate, we work with you all.

We help our clients solve problems such as:

  • Finding DEALS! 
  • Money 
  • Time 

We work and manage hundreds of units for current real estate investors, we have also developed a database of property owners and investors in which we communicate and network with constantly. Having said this, we have access to exclusive off market real estate deals.

You may have some money put aside or maybe you don’t but the goal is clear, you want to invest in real estate. We can help you source capital from private lender’s or we can set you up with our mortgage partners to get you approved. We also provide passive investment opportunities where we pool investor resources, similar to crowd funding and often referred to as real estate syndication. If it’s money that’s got you down, reach out, we can get you started.

Not enough hours in the day? Are you currently managing your own rental properties?

If you are currently dealing with rent collection, maintenance requests, tenant selection, landlord and tenant board issues on top of your normal job responsibilities, then we can definitely help. In fact this is our tried and tested, bread and butter. We have been in the property management business for years now and if you have visited our website before you know we don’t like to refer to ourselves and property managers. We are so much more than your typical property management company. We treat our clients properties like our own investment and we want to see you build your portfolio and not subtract from it. Having said that we like to refer to ourselves as Investment Manager’s.

Our goal is to build our clients wealth and continually add to their net worth by strategically advising and managing your real estate investments.



Jeff Gilbert

Managing Partner of RG Group – Real Estate Investment Management