Ok, let's get this out of the way right now...

Yes we are property managers, BUT, we don't like referring to ourselves as such. We offer our clients so much more than your typical property manager. That being said, we like to refer to ourselves as your Investment Manager. Your rental property is not just a property.... it's your retirement, your kids education, your monthly cashflow and so on. That's why we go the extra mile for you. Our goal is to make you more money then it costs to employ us and we do that in several ways....

Investment Plan
We will create a personalized Investment Plan specific to your portfolio
Maximize ROI
We will explore all options to ensure we are maximizing your return on investment
Minimize Vacancies
We have a proven system that allows us to strategically minimize any vacancies
Protect and Monitor
We diligently protect and monitor your investment so you don't to worry

Services We Provide

24 Hour Emergency Contact

No more midnight clogged toilet phone calls. We field those for you.

Year End Reconciliation

We provide you with everything you need to complete your taxes.


Your investment property will be inspected multiple times per year including a comprehensive report complete with pictures.

Direct Deposit

Your monthly rent is directly deposited into your bank account every month.

Lease Execution

Our lease conforms to all LTB (Landlord & Tenant Board) laws and policies. We ensure you are protected.

Property Plan

We will meet and discuss your investment goals for your portfolio and develop a plan to achieve those goals.

Maintenance & Repairs

We provide 24-hour emergency on call service as well as coordinating all repairs and maintenance using our extensive network of contractors, vendors and handymen.


We provide you with a monthly statements as well as year end accounting summary of your account so you always know where you stand.


We follow all Landlord & Tenant Board procedures.

Rent Collection

We collect all monthly rent from tenants and then deposit into your account.


We will prepare all lease agreements, collect first and last months rent, conduct a move in condition report.

Tenant Screening

We verify applicants current employment and stated income, check credit history, contact previous landlords and present you with the results.

Targeted Marketing

We will execute a targeted marketing platform utilizing our own marketing channels as well as recognized industry platforms to ensure we promptly source qualified leads to fill your vacancy.

Market Analysis

We will conduct a market analysis to determine the optimal monthly rental amount for your property using a wide range of professional resources.

Property Preparation

We will evaluate your property and provide recommendations for how you can obtain the maximum monthly rent.

“It’s Our goal to make you more money than what it cost’s to employ us.”


The most important step with any investment property is the proper tenant selection. We do offer a "LEASE ONLY" service where we will do all the property marketing, showings, screening and prepare and sign a lease on your behalf. Contact us for more information.

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