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“Professional Tenant” Living Rent-Free Won’t Leave Toronto Apartment

Jprofessional-tenantames Regan is what we all consider to be a “professional tenant”. He has been living in a home in Toronto since July and has paid zero rent, nothing. This matter is currently in the hands of the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board. Regan, just this year lost a similar case by the LTB (Landlord, Tenant Board) in which he appealed the decision and eventually lost that as well in the Ontario Superior Court, a process in which took eight months, during which, Regan lived rent free.

The following day of the court decision, a Toronto landlord said she met Regan who was well dressed and polite when inquiring about her Toronto apartment.

She signed an “Agreement to Lease” with Regan who promised to pay first and last months rent as well as provide proof of insurance with a credit and criminal background check. The next day Regan showed up at the apartment unannounced claiming to have valuable art that he urgently needed to store. The landlord then gave him the keys to the apartment to store the art of which he was supposed to return but never did.

He then moved all of his belongings in and refused to pay first and last months rent.

The landlord took Regan to the LTB on September 8th, but Regan claimed he did not receive the right paperwork in the mail so the case was pushed back till November.

Professional tenants who know the system can play on that and can stay in landlord’s properties for 6-9 months without paying anything. Once they have taken it as far as they can, they move on and find another property to do the same thing.

For some landlords, this article should be an eye opener. Without knowing what you are doing, or without conducting the proper screening process and following the correct systems and processes, you could find yourself in a similar situation.

The RG Group is very systematic when placing all of our tenants. Our process can’t guarantee we wont find ourselves in this situation as nothing can. We can say that if there is a professional tenant looking to rent one of our managed properties, most likely we will uncover something and can avoid putting you or one of our clients in this terrible situation.

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