"Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate." - Andrew Carnegie

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What We Do

Property Management

We like to think we are much more than just a property manager which is why you will see us refer to ourselves as Investment Managers. We handle the day to day operation of your investment property so you can concentrate on what’s most important to you. Learn more

Real Estate Investing

Our team will handle all aspects involved in the acquisition of your investment property. From negotiations to the day to day management of the property. We will discuss with you different investment options to help you choose the right investment strategy. Learn more

We Manage

Single Family Homes

Townhouses, apartments & condos, detached houses, semi-detached houses

Multi-Family Apartments

Apartment buildings, duplex, second suites, rooming houses

Commercial Properties

Shopping centers, Office buildings, Industrial

Real Estate Investing

It is our goal to provide our clients with different investment options that fit right with your current and future plans. We will counsel you through the entire process of selecting, negotiating, purchasing, conducting property improvements, if necessary, and will then assume the day to day operations as your property investment manager. RG Group wants to help you build a real estate portfolio that will satisfy whatever your goals and dreams may be. We offer our clients a personal approach and truly look to develop a lasting relationship because we want to see you exceed and achieve your goals.

Property Management

We offer our clients so much more than your typical property manager. That being said, we like to refer to ourselves as your investment manager because your rental property is so much more than just a property; it's your retirement, your kids education fund, your monthly cashflow and so on. That's why we go the extra mile for you.

Our goal is to make you more money than it costs to employ us and we do that in several ways...

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